Improving Access in Emerging Markets


Improving Access in Emerging Markets

Retailer in Rural India

For many in emerging markets, the Kirana shop or micro-retailer is an entry point into the world of mass consumption.  However,  consumers struggle to find products they need at prices they can afford.  Long distances and inefficient supply chains prevent products from reaching shops in a timely fashion.  Shopkeepers have little more than paper and pen to manage inventory.  Otherwise healthy businesses suffer because of a lack of valuable information.  Gyaan Tel is focused on providing technology to micro-retailers, so that business owners can be empowered with data and provide customers the products they want, when they want them.

Across the world, mobile phones are empowering consumers to connect with their families, pay children’s school fees, and receive medical attention.  An estimated 97% of Indians have access to mobile phones at rates less than a rupee per a minute.  Despite these innovations, retail business operations in India have changed little over the last 50 years.  Retailers in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia face a similar predicament.

Through mobile applications and predictive business analytics, we hope to enable shop keepers to make data driven decisions about the products they sell, the suppliers they work with, and the consumers they serve.

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