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  • Gyaan Tel helps emerging market retailers and marketers work more effectively

    Inefficiency in Emerging Markets


    In developing markets, traditional retailers sell thousands of products every year. In India alone, the market for fast moving consumer goods is projected to reach $100 billion by 2025. However, armed with with little more than a pen and paper, retailers fail to track sales and expenses accurately. Healthy businesses suffer because retailers are unable to make crucial decisions on purchasing, inventory management, and capital expenditures

  • Retailers and marketers are unable to make real-time decisions


    Sales and distribution in emerging markets relies upon antiquated business methods, preventing both retailers and marketers from making key decisions.


    Gyaan Tel was founded to empower retailers and marketers with data and analysis to make more informed decisions about their businesses. Gyaan is the pursuit of knowledge and is intrinsic to running any successful business and even more so in dynamic emerging markets.

  • Gyaan Tel empowers retailers and marketers


    The Gyaan Tel Application allows retailers to track inventory and manage sales via a touch-screen interface. Retailers can manage inventory, track sales, and communicate with customers and suppliers easily.

    Marketers can gain access to real-time sales data, enabling them to allocate resources more quickly.

  • Gyaan Tel helps retailers and suppliers communicate better

    The Gyaan Tel application allows retailers to analyze historical sales and inventory levels, so they can make more informed decisions about stocking. Retailers can message suppliers with desired orders via their mobile device, keep track of supplier visits in their calendar, and send reminders via SMS.

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