Benefits to Marketers

Sales and Distribution in Emerging Markets is an Antiquated Process



Gyaan Tel is disrupting traditional retail with modern technology

Product Marketers currently struggle to obtain accurate research in emerging markets, because retailers and marketers still rely on pen and paper. Gyaan Tel utilizes mobile phone technology to help retailers and marketers get more out of their businesses.

Real Time Data-Analytics

Gyaan Tel provides marketers with aggregated sales and distribution data, enabling data analysts and product managers to focus on particular trends across districts.

“Last Mile” Sales Data
Market Share Information
Category Based Data
Product Associations
Time Series Analysis

Improved Coverage and Distribution

Real-time data analysis enables marketers to reallocate sales and marketing resources from one area to another. Product managers can respond to the market in real-time more efficiently and effectively. Sellers can be directed to higher opportunity sales.

Route Planning

Preconfigure journey plans for salesforce with geolocation and location based check-in to ensure salesforce have made visits.

Insight into Consumer Preferences

As a new middle class emerges, consumer tastes and preferences are rapidly changing. Gyaan Tel enables marketers to keep abreast of these changes and respond to market demands intelligently.

Sales Promotion Management

Manage trade schemes and retailer specific incentive plans in one place, easily.

Manage Retailer Credit Effectively

Help your retailers gain access to credit without having to be a financial wizard.  We will connect you to alternative lenders who can underwrite credit for your retailers so you don’t have to. Ensure that you get paid electronically without having to chase retailers at the end of the month.


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