Benefits to Retailers

Gyaan Tel helps retailers get more out of their business

  • Great Design

    Our user interface and multilingual support enable retailers to use Gyaan Tel right away without a lengthy training process.

    Retailers can rely upon a touch screen interface to complete transactions quickly and correctly.

  • Flexibility

    Our design supports a variety of Android mobile devices.

    Gyaan Tel’s robust back-end support enables both small and large retailers to utilize the application.

  • Support

    Cloud based storage enables data back-up and synchronization in case of loss or theft of a mobile device.

    Technical support is also available via phone and in person.

  • Analysis

    Retailers can receive real-time analysis via their mobile devices, enabling them to make stocking and purchase decisions quickly.


    Retailers can track expenses, daily, weekly, and monthly sales. Moreover, there is access to historical sales trends and analysis.


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