Our Team

  • NishantNishant Dixit, CEO & Co-founder

    Nishant started¬† researching and working on Gyaan Tel in 2015 after spending a year in India working on entrepreneurship development projects with the Tibetan Government in Exile with TechnoServe. He began his career as a management consultant for IBM Global Business Services, focusing on the company’s growth in emerging markets. He has also worked alongside start-ups from Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, and Uruguay as a consultant for Endeavor Global. He is a graduate of Columbia University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures.

  • Murari Sinha, CTO & Co-founder

    Murari Sinha began working on Gyaan Tel in 2016 and focuses on technological development.  He grew up around traditional retailers in Jamshedpur, India.   Murari started out in mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. However, he soon discovered a passion for programming that would lead him to a Masters in the United States at the University of Wisconsin. He has worked on enterprise software systems for Oracle and has worked on the supply chain team at Google where he has experimented with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Murari works with front end and back end languages.

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