Our Team

  • NishantNishant Dixit, CEO & Co-founder

    Nishant started working on Gyaan Tel in 2013 after spending a year in India working on entrepreneurship development projects with the Tibetan Government in Exile with TechnoServe. He began his career as a management consultant for IBM Global Business Services, focusing on the company’s growth in emerging markets. He has also worked alongside start-ups from Argentina, South Africa, Turkey, and Uruguay as a consultant for Endeavor Global. He is a graduate of Columbia University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures.

  • Juan Carlos Avalos, CTO & Co-founder

    Juan Carlos began working on Gyaan Tel in 2013 and focuses on technological development.  He worked alongside traditional retailers in Buenos Aires as a cashier in high-school.   Juan started out studying industrial engineering at Argentina’s Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. However, he soon discovered a passion for programming that would lead him to a Masters in Programming from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He has worked on internal software, ATM and database systems for CrediLogro$ and Banco Galicia. Juan is fluent in C#, Visual Basic, PHP and MySQL, but he is happiest while coding in HTML.

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